14 Apr 2017

Wallpaper for Accent Walls

Designers have embraced using wallpaper for accent walls in a big way, as a method of drawing attention to a specific portion of a room or space. Although accent walls can be big and bold, it's also possible to make a modern statement in a subtle and understated way. The immense variety of wallpaper choices available includes not just traditional wallpaper, but borders, decals, medallions and murals, any of which can be used to create

14 Apr 2017

Beautiful Wall Murals

  Still figuring out what to do with that bare wall? Consider one of the latest design trends - Wall Murals. Modern wallpaper, digital prints and wall murals can change rooms and create stylish, bright and interesting home and business interiors. There are many stunning collections of wall art to choose from. Wall Murals are a brilliant advancement in wall decor that can transform an entire space with photographic images of real life backgrounds, landscapes,

7 Oct 2013

Wallpaper is back!

Have you ever walked into an older home and saw this ugly, horrible wallpaper on the wall? Well, this designer is here to tell you that wallpaper is back and in a big way! This designer shares his tips for incorporating it into your home. After reading about his inspirational design ideas, you’ll want to call a wallpaper contractor to transform your home right away!   It’s time for a designer confession. It may come as a

6 Oct 2013

Marble Wallpaper

Marble wallpaper provides jaw-dropping beauty without the cost and the trouble of a major renovation project. It’s catching on in designs everywhere because it adds a touch of elegance that can instantly transform any room.   Are you looking for a design choice that will set your home apart? Faux marble is the answer.   It’s Gorgeous Whether you use it for floors, countertops or walls, marble is a stone unsurpassed in exquisite grace and